Women’s Communities Shaping the Future of Construction

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As the construction industry evolves, a few key organizations are breaking barriers and paving the way for minorities’ and women’s empowerment and leadership. As a proud member of several groundbreaking communities, The Best Shades is delighted to share insights into the networks that support, inspire, and elevate women in the construction industry.

Regional Alliance for Small Contractors (RASC)

Birthed from the visionary minds of public agencies and major private construction firms in 1989, RASC has dedicated itself to enhancing the competitiveness of small, minority, and women contractors.

Our affiliation with RASC connects us to a lineage of industry leaders committed to fostering growth and opportunities for women and minorities in construction.

The alliance has been instrumental in providing resources, advocacy, and a network of influential peers dedicated to the collective success of women & minority-owned businesses in the construction sector.

One event that cannot go unnoticed, hosted by the RASC, is the Competitive Edge Conference, an annual event that connects MWBE small businesses with agencies, providing them with the knowledge and opportunities they need to succeed.

The Best Shades attended the 2023 edition of this conference and won the prestige award for WBE Firm of the Year, you can read more about this award here.

Our CEO, Yuliya Gimadiev, receiving the award from the hands of Adam Gilyard
Our CEO along with her family, Oksana Tiu, Dmytro Khegai and her husband Marat Gimadiev.

How being a member of the RASC community has benefit our company

RASC is a pioneer in developing a list of trailblazing courses for Small MWBE businesses; Blueprint Reading, Construction Project Management, and OSHA Certifications are just a few of those that benefited The Best Shades Team in its professional development. 

RASC classes also provide an amazing opportunity to network with other business owners in construction and an opportunity to build strong relationships exchanging knowledge about resources and opportunities, sharing experiences, and building a bond of friendship that is the most important within the industry.

RASC keeps us informed on the current and upcoming projects, allowing us to learn more about projects’ needs, prepare for the bids, and meet the decision-makers, agencies and GCs.

The RASC has been a huge hand in our way to success and to all the small businesses considering joining their platform, we can assure you that being part of the RASC members’ community has its opportunities! For more information on how to become a member, visit their website.

NorthEast SBTRC in Business Empowerment

The Northeast SBTRC stands as a beacon of support for Small and Disadvantaged Businesses, aiming to level the playing field in the realm of DOT procurement opportunities and federally funded contracts. 

Through its comprehensive technical assistance programs, the SBTRC is dedicated to enhancing the operational capacity of these businesses, making them more competitive and equipped to navigate the complexities of bidding and contract acquisition.

A way to stay tuned for their latest news and programs is by connecting with them through LinkedIn.

Lizbeth A. Rodriguez-Rios: A Pillar of Strategic Vision

At the helm of this transformative center is Lizbeth A. Rodriguez-Rios. With over 25 years of remarkable experience, Lizbeth Rodriguez-Rios embodies the essence of strategic and visionary leadership. Her contributions have significantly elevated the quality and impact of marketing content and business strategy, fostering a conducive environment for businesses to thrive in competitive markets.

She and her team have connected us to resources and opportunities with Federal agencies as well as introduced us to other business owners to grow our network community. If you’re looking for advice on this specific field, Ms. Rodriguez is the person you’re looking for!

Women Builders Council (WBC)

Established in 2004, the Women Builders Council stands at the forefront of advocating for women within the building sector. WBC champions legislative advocacy, and new business and professional development, all with a laser focus on leadership. 

Recently, the WBC has taken the initiative to host the AIM Forum, an event that arms women with knowledge on strategic planning and innovative, disruptive strategies. Held on March 21st, this conference was a beacon for women ready to integrate cutting-edge tactics into their operations, marking an important milestone in our continuous learning and growth.

To learn more about the benefits and how to become a member, click here.

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)

NAWIC serves as a nurturing platform for women aiming to excel in construction, offering a treasure trove of resources for education, skill-building, support, and networking. 

Membership opens doors to a community eager to back each other in overcoming the challenges of a male-dominated field. NAWIC stands as a testament to what women can achieve with the right support, encouraging members to step into leadership roles and carve out their success stories in the construction landscape.

Learn more about this amazing platform and all the benefits it could bring to your business.

Professional Women in Construction (PWC)

Another cornerstone of our community spotlight is the Professional Women in Construction (PWC). PWC stands as a monumental force in supporting, advancing, and connecting women while championing diversity within the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and related industries.

PWC operates as a vibrant community of professionals committed to enriching the AEC industry through fostering connections, engagement, and business opportunities. Their efforts are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where women can thrive, share insights, and lead with distinction in fields traditionally dominated by men.

This organization’s commitment to professional development and networking offers invaluable resources for women aiming to elevate their careers in the AEC sectors. By providing a platform for mentorship, skill enhancement, and leadership training, PWC plays a critical role in shaping the industry’s future leaders.

We invite you to join this potential community, for more information click here.

We encourage you to also check out the list of resources and programs available for Minority and Women business owners in construction, on NYC Small Business Services website.

The Power of Community

Being part of these esteemed communities not only reflects our dedication to promoting gender diversity and empowerment within the construction industry but also underscores the alignment of our company’s core values with those of these organizations. 

Our commitment to empathy, diversity, inclusion, trust, and community serves as the cornerstone of our business, ensuring we contribute meaningfully to the fabric of these vibrant networks. 

Each organization offers unique benefits, from legislative advocacy and professional development opportunities to support systems and networking events that are invaluable for women navigating the construction industry.

Events like the WBC’s AIM Forum, NAWIC’s educational programs, or RASC’s dedication to small contractors’ competitiveness exemplify the critical work these organizations do to support women’s success in construction.

They’re not just communities; they’re catalysts for change, driving us towards a more inclusive and equitable industry.

At The Best Shades, we are not just witnesses to this transformative era; we are active participants, and allies of the incredible support system these organizations provide.

We encourage other women in construction to explore these communities and join us in building a future where women’s leadership and contributions are celebrated and amplified.

To learn more about these empowering communities and how you can become involved, visit their respective websites and consider attending their events and programs.

Together, let’s construct a legacy of empowerment, innovation, and success in the construction industry.

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