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In this month’s Community Window, we spotlight Vizilok, a pioneering WBE-certified company that is not just transforming public space privacy but also exemplifying the strength of immigrant-led businesses in the U.S. founded by Victoria, an inspiring entrepreneur from Kyiv, Ukraine—our CEO’s beloved hometown—, Victoria’s company and The Best Shades happened to participate in the CU Grow Program by Columbia University, their mutual backgrounds and company values resulted in a deep connection and friendship.

Vizilok, like most of the WBE companies in this program, is a testament to innovation, community, and resilience.

A Beacon of Female Empowerment and WBE Excellence

Victoria leads Vizilok with a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the needs of diverse communities. Their efforts have made Vizilok a leader in privacy indicator locks, enhancing the functionality and safety of spaces nationwide. 

As recipients of numerous accolades and with compliance with ADA and IBC standards, Vizilok not only upholds high industry standards but also reflects the founders’ dedication to inclusive and ethical business practices.

Cultivating a Supportive Network

Participating in the CU Grow program by Columbia University alongside Vizilok, we’ve witnessed firsthand the power of community.

Together with Victoria and other brilliant entrepreneurs like Maryna Ovcharenko from Clean2Clean, we are forging paths not just for our businesses but also for supporting those in need. It’s a circle of support that enriches everyone involved.

Victoria (CEO of Vizilok), Ana V. (from Vizilok), Yuliya Gimadiev (CEO of The Best Shades), and Maryna Ovcharenko.

Joining Forces for a Greater Cause

Our collaboration extends beyond business. As women from Ukraine, our CEO and Victoria share a bond strengthened by their shared heritage and commitment to aiding those affected by war in Ukraine through their entrepreneurial ventures.

Our involvement in community-building initiatives like supporting asylum seekers and providing resources to those displaced by war showcases the profound impact businesses can have on society.

Explore and Support

We encourage you to explore Vizilok’s innovative solutions and consider how their commitment to quality and community aligns with your values. By supporting WBEs like Vizilok, you contribute to a broader narrative of empowerment and positive change.

Let’s continue to support one another and expand the reach of businesses committed to making a difference. For more information on how Vizilok can enhance your facilities click here. If you’re looking to get involved in our community initiatives, please reach out. Together, we can build a brighter, more inclusive future.

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