the competitive edge conference 2023
the competitive edge conference 2023

The Best Shades: Empowering Excellence as WBE Firm of the Year

the competitive edge conference 2023

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The Best Shades has been honored as the WBE Firm of the Year at the prestigious Competitive Edge Conference 2023! This incredible achievement proves our unwavering commitment to excellence, diversity, and empowerment.

At The Best Shades, our values and mission have always centered around providing top-notch products and services while fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity.

Being recognized as WBE Firm of the Year is a true honor. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our amazing team, our vendors, clients, and business mentors. Your trust in us drives us to constantly raise the bar and deliver the best possible experiences.

The Competitive Edge Conference has been an enlightening experience for us, and it aligns perfectly with our vision for the future. We’ve learned invaluable insights from inspiring speakers who have shared their wisdom and expertise, making this journey even more fulfilling.

Robert Mccloud, President and CEO of the Mccloud Group, aptly captured the essence of our journey with his words:

“The better you’ll get, there will be more people telling you what you shouldn’t be doing – go through that.”

These words resonate deeply with us.

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to continued growth and making a positive impact in the industry.


About the Competitive Edge Conference:

The Competitive Edge Conference is an annual beacon of opportunity and empowerment for minority-owned and women-owned small businesses. Since its inception in 1993, this conference has stood as a vital bridge, connecting these businesses with agencies, knowledge, and opportunities that propel them toward success.

Year after year, the Competitive Edge Conference has been the go-to event for businesses seeking growth, development, and the path to the next level. This conference is more than just a gathering; it’s a catalyst for change, a platform that fosters economic growth, job creation, and entrepreneurial spirit in communities nationwide.

“The Competitive Edge Conference is not just about connecting businesses with contracts, however – it’s about creating lasting relationships and fostering a spirit of collaboration and partnership.”

– The Competitive Edge Conference, ‘About Us’ / Official Website.

About The Best Shades

The Best Shades, LLC, is a certified minority- and women-owned business enterprise. As a family owned and multicultural business, we proudly serve residential, commercial, and government clients with a wide variety of custom interior window treatments. We work with leading industry manufacturers and comply with strict architectural requirements.

Learn more in our ‘About Us‘ page.

“At the heart of The Best Shades, we’ve always believed that the size of a business doesn’t define its potential. It’s the determination, passion, and resilience that truly set us apart. Being recognized as the WBE Firm of the Year is a testament to the incredible achievements that women and small businesses can attain.

Let’s continue breaking barriers, defying expectations, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Together we can achieve greatness!”

Take a look at a short piece of our CEO’s speech at the Competitive Edge Conference.

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