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Fostering Community and Collaboration: The Best Shades’ Commitment to Local Businesses

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At The Best Shades, we believe in the power of community and collaborative growth. Our journey in the window-covering industry has not only been about elevating spaces but also about forging meaningful connections within the New York small business ecosystem.

Through our “Community Window” initiative, we aim to shine a light on the incredible local enterprises we’ve had the honor of collaborating with or those we regard as business allies. 

Our goal is to create a network of shared success and mutual growth, fostering a stronger local economy and a more vibrant community.

Featured Collaborations: Enhancing Local Businesses Together

One of our proudest achievements has been our collaborations with other small businesses. These partnerships have brought about positive change and added value to our customers’ experiences. 

From engineers to designers, these collaborations have not only expanded our network but also enriched the diversity of products and services we can offer. 

Community Window Showcase: Celebrating Local Entrepreneurship 

In our Business Friends Spotlight, we shine a light on the local businesses we admire and have developed friendly relationships with. These businesses are the heart of our community, and we want to share their stories, values, and what makes them unique.

Boomerang Bites

In honor of National Women’s Small Business Month, we’d like to spotlight @BoomerangBites, a bakery business in Hoboken, NJ. 

Run by a determined, fearless, and innovative Andrea Rizvi who embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, this bakery has transformed heritage and passion into delightful baked bites. Everyone who tries @BoomerangBites’ creations is in for a treat! 

We’re happy we found a partner for holiday and corporate gifting right on time! We invite you to also explore their offerings and visit their brand new location in Hoboken, NJ.


Join Our Community: Expanding Our Network

We extend an invitation to other local businesses to join our network. We believe in the power of collaboration and community-based projects. 

By sharing ideas and resources, we can collectively contribute to a stronger local economy and a more vibrant community.

How can you join this initiative?

If you want your business to be part of this initiative and collaborate with us, you can follow us on Instagram at and send us a DM to discuss the possibilities. We will be pleased to hear from you and help our community thrive!

At The Best Shades, we don’t just provide window treatments; we create connections, build relationships, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of our fellow local businesses. Our “Community Window” initiative is a testament to our dedication to fostering a thriving and interconnected small business ecosystem in New York.

Discover the power of community, collaboration, and growth with The Best Shades. 

Join us in celebrating the excellence of local small businesses and the spirit of community that makes our city vibrant and unique. Together, we can do a BIG change!

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