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Empowering Women in Construction: Our Feature in Tough Leaf’s Inspiring Stories

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In celebration of Women in Construction Week 2024, we are beyond honored to be featured alongside the incredible Roxanne Guerrerio of KCM Contracting in Tough Leaf’s latest article, “Celebrating Women Leaders in Construction: Stories from Two Women-Owned Firms in the Tough Leaf Community.” This piece not only highlights the journey and achievements of women in the construction industry but also sheds light on the adversities we face and overcome in a field traditionally dominated by men.

Our CEO, Yuliya Gimadiev, shares her personal story of resilience, innovation, and leadership that led to the founding of The Best Shades. From the inception of our company amidst personal challenges to receiving the 2023 WBE Award of Excellence, Yuliya’s journey is a testament to what can be achieved with determination, vision, and the support of a community that believes in lifting each other up.

This team is immensely grateful for the platform Tough Leaf has provided for our CEO to share this story. We hope our story, along with Roxanne’s, inspires other women to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations in construction and beyond.

“Believe in yourself and surround yourself with supportive mentors and like-minded individuals. Your potential to succeed is limitless.” 

– Yuliya Gimadiev, Founder and CEO of The Best Shades.

Join us in celebrating this recognition and the progress of women in construction. Read our stories, share them, and let’s continue to support and empower one another.

Click here to read the full article.

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