internship programs
internship programs

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Our Journey with Internship Programs

internship programs

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At The Best Shades, we may be a small company, but our ambitions to make a meaningful impact stretch far beyond our immediate business operations. Understanding the pivotal role that mentorship and real-world experience play in shaping the futures of young professionals, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, we embarked on a mission to transform lives through our internship program.

Building Bridges with Education

Our journey began with forging partnerships with local community and private colleges, focusing on creating opportunities for their students—many of whom are international and could greatly benefit from the mentorship and hands-on experience we offer.

We saw ourselves in these students, recalling the challenges and the need for guidance in navigating the professional world.

Intership Programs as A Commitment to Diversity and Support

Central to our internship program is the commitment to diversity and offering support to those who need it the most. We have intentionally focused on hiring diverse candidates and women for our internship positions, aiming to uplift underserved communities and provide a stepping stone to professional success.

This approach has not only enriched our workplace culture but has also allowed us to contribute to leveling the playing field in the business world.

Tangible Outcomes and Lasting Relationships

Our dedication has borne fruit in numerous ways:

  • We have proudly recommended over a dozen students for employment after they successfully completed their internships with us.
  • Three talented scholars have found their professional home at The Best Shades, growing with us beyond their internship.
  • More than half of our former interns remain in contact with us, continuing to receive mentorship, resources, and inspiration.

Partnering with SOAR and SYEP

Our efforts are supported through partnerships with two exceptional programs: SOAR and the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)

The Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD) at LaGuardia Community College offers a wide range of services to help students and alumni prepare for their careers. 

But the CCPD also hosts various programs like Career Connect, CUNY LEADS, Elmezzi Career Fellows Program, CUNY internships, and SOAR Experiential Learning Program to provide hands-on experience and career opportunities. 

SOAR is designed to enhance students’ career readiness through practical experiences. It integrates learning with real-world applications, allowing participants to apply their academic knowledge in professional settings. This hands-on approach aims to prepare students for the workforce by developing essential skills and competencies. 

Meanwhile, the SYEP is the nation’s largest youth employment initiative, aimed at youths aged 14-24 in NYC. It offers paid summer work experiences, career exploration, project-based learning, and skills development in various industries. 

Both SOAR and SYEP offer incredible resources and support for businesses willing to invest in the future workforce. They not only provide businesses with eager talent but also offer a channel through which companies can give back to their communities, share their expertise, and play a part in nurturing the next generation of professionals.

Intership Programs are More Than Just Business…

Engaging with these internship programs has allowed us to do more than just business; it has enabled us to make a difference in our local community, create job opportunities, and cultivate a network of advocates for The Best Shades. All of these achievements stem from our willingness to invest time, patience, and passion in our interns, demonstrating our belief in their potential and our commitment to their growth.

For businesses looking to make a tangible impact and invest in the future, consider the power of an internship program. It’s an opportunity to mold aspiring professionals, give back to your community, and perhaps, most importantly, to foster the development of individuals who will go on to lead with integrity, skill, and compassion in their professional journeys.

At The Best Shades, we’re proud of the difference we’re making—one intern at a time. Join us in this rewarding endeavor, and together, let’s shape a brighter, more inclusive future.

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